Big Love Pheromone Fragrances

available in roll-on oil or eau de parfum spray

Big Love: 1. A rock band out of Orlando, Florida, featuring renowned drummer Timothy Diduro (Slaughter, Skid Row) and perfumer/keyboardist Wesley C., 2. An overwhelming sensation of kindness, compassion, acceptance and gratitude that serves as the band’s guiding principle, 3. Exuma Fragrance Co.’s signature collection of his and her pheromone perfumes inspired by the band and the feeling!

Big Love for Him is a masculine, cologne-fresh fragrance with notes of lavender, bergamot and oakmoss. Combining an incredible scent with the attractive qualities of men’s pheromones and Aventurine Quartz crystals, Big Love for Him will have you smelling and feeling your best (which everyone around you will notice and admire).

Big Love for Her is an elegant white floral musk perfume with notes of plumeria, coconut, pear and vanilla. Infused with our proprietary blend of women’s pheromones and powerful Rose Quartz crystals, Big Love for Her is a flirty, sensual fragrance that will help open your heart chakra and welcome feelings of adoration.

Big Love Pheromone Fragrances were inspired by the Orlando, Florida rock band Big Love. Exuma Fragrance Co. perfumer Wesley C. plays the keyboards in the band and set out to create a fragrance line built around the concept of LOVE. Big Love Pheromone Fragrances encourage self-love, love from others, and love for those around you.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical substances secreted and detected by individuals within the same species, influencing their behavior and physiology. These invisible messengers are often responsible for transmitting information about an individual’s reproductive status, social hierarchies, and emotional states. These natural chemicals produced by the body can be synthesized and use in perfumes to help influence the subtle role that scent plays in human attraction.

Benefits of Pheromones

  1. Enhancing Attraction and Sexual Appeal: Pheromones have long been associated with the power of attraction. Research suggests that certain pheromones can evoke feelings of desire and increase sexual attractiveness. They can help create an aura of confidence and allure, enhancing one’s appeal to potential partners.
  2. Boosting Confidence and Self-esteem: Pheromones can have a positive impact on an individual’s self-confidence and self-esteem. By eliciting favorable responses from others, pheromones can contribute to a heightened sense of self-assurance, leading to improved social interactions and overall well-being.
  3. Improving Social Bonds and Interpersonal Relationships: Pheromones play a crucial role in forming and strengthening social bonds. They can enhance trust, foster empathy, and facilitate emotional connections between individuals. Pheromones may contribute to a more harmonious and fulfilling interpersonal life.
  4. Facilitating Communication and Non-Verbal Cues: In the realm of non-verbal communication, pheromones can provide subtle signals that influence how we perceive and interact with others. They can convey information about an individual’s mood, intentions, and availability for social interaction, aiding in the smooth flow of communication.

Effectiveness of Pheromones

While the effectiveness of pheromones in humans is still an area of ongoing research, several studies have demonstrated their influence on behavior and physiology. It is important to note that individual responses to pheromones can vary, and their effects may be more prominent in certain contexts or for specific individuals.

  1. Scientific Studies: Studies have shown that exposure to certain pheromones can impact mood, arousal levels, and attraction. For example, a study published in the journal “Psychological Science” found that women exposed to male underarm pheromones experienced more positive moods and higher sexual responsiveness.
  2. Personal Experiences: Many individuals who have used pheromone-based products report positive experiences, such as increased confidence, improved social interactions, and enhanced romantic prospects. While personal anecdotes provide valuable insights, they should be complemented by rigorous scientific investigations.
  3. Contextual Factors: The effectiveness of pheromones can be influenced by various factors, including individual biology, cultural differences, and personal preferences. Additionally, pheromones may have a stronger impact in specific environments or social situations where subtle cues play a significant role.

What makes Big Love different from other pheromone products?

There are four things we consistently notice when evaluating other pheromone fragrances available on the market:

1. Most of them only contain unisex pheromones. Don’t get us wrong, we use pheromones that are produced by both sexes too – but only as a part of our formulations. Certain pheromones are produced exclusively by males or by females and would not be included in a unisex formulation. Unisex pheromone fragrances are not capable of providing the full spectrum of attractive qualities that are possible with pheromone usage. Gender-specific and unisex pheromones both are effective regardless of sexual orientation. It’s important to think of pheromones in terms of how they enhance your natural attractive characteristics rather than whom they will attract. In other words, when wearing pheromones, anybody who would have normally been attracted to you will be even more drawn to you!

2. They do not provide details on their pheromone contents. If you read closely, you’ll get a lot of information about pheromones and how they’ll supposedly turn you into a human magnet – but you’ll find little information on which pheromones are used in their formula, and you’ll find zero information on their pheromone concentration levels. Big Love for Him features the attractant pheromones Androstadienone & Androsterone, while Big Love for Her utilizes the pheromones Estratetraenol & Copulins. These are our flirtatious “desire” pheromones. Both formulas also include Alpha and Beta Androstenol, which are produced by both sexes and encourage charisma, trust-building and open communication, and Oxytocin, a unisex bonding pheromone. We do not use the commonly used pheromone Androstenone, which is heavily marketed as an “alpha male” pheromone, because it can lead to aggression and has an unpleasant scent. Each 10ml bottle of Big Love contains 300mg (at 100ppm, approximately 30 applications) of either our male or female formula. You will not find this level of detail or ingredient transparency with any other pheromone product on the market. Those other companies are clearly trying to hide something, or maybe they just forgot to do their homework.

3. They exaggerate the effects of pheromones and make them seem magical. Let’s face it, magic sells. Combine that with the sensual nature of pheromones, and you’ve got a dream product for any marketing agency! While there IS a physical attraction quality to SOME pheromones, most of the benefits of wearing pheromones are experienced subconsciously by the wearer in the form of a heightened sense of confidence and attractiveness. Pheromones amplify subconscious signals to others about your attractive characteristics, including compatibility, empathy, trustworthiness and self-assuredness. However, pheromones cannot make these characteristics appear out of thin air. If you’re an angry, dishonest, unapproachable person, you will not all of a sudden turn into a catch by wearing pheromones. If you’re a kind, generous, understanding person, a person who would make a good mate, pheromones will amplify these qualities and help deliver subtle messages about who you are to those around you… making you come across as more attractive. It’s not magic, it’s science – extremely misunderstood and misrepresented science.

4. The fragrance itself is secondary. They put so much emphasis on the pheromone hype that there is little mention of what the fragrance actually smells like or what’s in it. We suspect the makers of these products are motivated more by sales figures than by creating elegant and beneficial perfumes. They may or may not actually add pheromones – even if the product is labeled “extra strength.” The lack of regulation in the fragrance industry has made pheromone oil seem more like “snake oil.”

Exuma Fragrance Co. refuses to use inflated pricing, misleading claims, hyperbole, or pictures of nearly nude models to make Big Love Pheromone Fragrances seem like they’ll have you fending off admirers in droves. In reality, they’re simply great-smelling, handcrafted perfumes that are infused with powerful pheromones and energetic crystals to help you smell and feel your best! ❤️

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