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Big Love Pheromone Fragrances

Big Love: 1. A rock band out of Orlando, Florida, featuring renowned drummer Timothy Diduro (Slaughter, Skid Row) and perfumer/keyboardist Wesley C., 2. An overwhelming sensation of kindness, compassion, acceptance and gratitude that serves as the band’s guiding principle, 3. Exuma Fragrance Co.’s signature collection of his and her pheromone perfumes inspired by the band and the feeling! Learn More…

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Exuma Fragrance Co. started when keyboardist and perfumer Wesley C. joined the band Big Love out of Orlando, Florida. One of the band members came to a show talking up the pheromone oil he was wearing, and we thought, that would be a great “merch” item for Big Love Band! The band believes in sharing love through music, encouraging merriment and dancing, and cultivating an atmosphere of sharing love with one another. Taking a cue from the band’s philosophy, Exuma Fragrance Co. set out to create a line of fragrances around the concept of LOVE.

Big Love for Him and for Her each combine an incredible fragrance with a powerful formulation of pheromones and energetic crystals to encourage self-love as well as love towards and from others. Once Big Love was established, the Exuma fragrance library began to blossom.

Each Exuma Fragrance is hand crafted in small batches with fine perfume ingredients, natural carrier oils, and real crystals chosen for their particular energetic qualities and how they tie into the fragrance’s theme. We only use ingredients from professional perfume suppliers and adhere to safety guidelines established by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

What started as a personal interest in subtle skin scents, “your skin but better” fragrances, and a gravitation towards oil rather than alcohol-based products has turned into Exuma Fragrance Co., an artisanal perfume house of unique custom fragrances guided by energetic aromatherapy and the interconnectedness of scents, music, memories and moods.

It’s no coincidence that in perfumery, individual scents are referred to as “notes,” and blends of notes are known as “accords.” Composing a perfume is much like playing music with a band. There are notes that can take a solo, notes that work well together to create chords, and chords that belong together in a key signature. There are a lot of elements that have to come together with grace and precision to execute a well-rehearsed performance. But the most important element of a great performance is an engaged audience – so let Exuma Fragrance Co. perform its compositions for you!

Are your products all natural?

We use natural essential oils, absolutes, extracts, distillations and resins along with professional perfume-grade synthesized aroma molecules. Fragrances that are labeled “natural” only include 100% natural ingredients. We source our ingredients very carefully and our products never contain preservatives, phthalates, parabens or candle fragrance. All formulations are vegan, cruelty free and full of love & positive energy! NOTE ON ALLERGENS: Some perfumery ingredients can be irritants and are not recommended for use on sensitive areas. Always test any perfume on a small area before applying more freely.

Why do you put crystals in the bottle?

Crystals and gemstones are all associated with energetic properties that can help improve different aspects of life. Each perfume oil is designed with a specific intention, and the crystals only help bolster the aromatherapy and metaphysical aspects of each fragrance. Big Love Pheromone Fragrance Oil for Her, for instance, contains Rose Quartz – the ultimate heart crystal for encouraging feelings of adoration!

I’ve always used spray fragrances and I’m not very familiar with oil-based fragrances. What’s the difference?

Oil fragrances tend to last longer than sprays because they’re applied to concentrated areas rather than being spread all around, but sprays tend to provide a stronger, more wafting scent. We celebrate the idea of fragrance as a personal experience, and our perfume oils provide mood-enhancing pleasantry for the wearer as well as a light yet enchanting gift to those who enter the wearer’s aural sphere. Our sprays offer enhanced coverage and diffusion/sillage for those who prefer a more pronounced fragrance. We hope to offer something different for perfume oil regulars, something new for those who are accustomed to sprays, and something unique for everyone who enjoys fragrance, whether it’s a spray or a roll-on.

How long do orders take to ship?

Orders will ship out the same day or the business day following the date the order was placed. We ship USPS Ground Advantage from Florida and provide tracking information as soon as it is available. Most shipments deliver anywhere in the United States within 5 days. Please be sure that the shipping address you provide is USPS verified.

What if I don’t like the fragrance? Do you accept returns?

Please let us know if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason. We will not ask you to return any items to us, and we will gladly send a free replacement fragrance if the one you purchased doesn’t work for you. If you have any questions about our fragrances prior to ordering, just send us a message! We are happy to discuss our fragrances in more detail, share suggestions, etc. We understand how difficult it is to shop for fragrances online because everyone experiences fragrances in their own way. If you are uncertain about purchasing a full-sized bottle, we encourage you to check out our 3-pack of samples for only $7.00!

Besides Big Love, are some of the fragrances more masculine or feminine than others?

Majesty is smoky and leathery, Coda is fresh and spiced, and Empire is woodsy-fresh, so these fragrances lean masculine in the traditional sense. Some of the florals like Fleur de Lis, Dream Weaver, Tropic and Belle might be considered exclusively feminine, but we believe anyone could rock any of our fragrances. Since the experience of fragrance is subjective and very difficult to describe, we offer low-priced samples so you can find your signature scent.

What does perfume have to do with aromatherapy?

When you think of aromatherapy, you may think of putting some lavender oil in a diffuser at night to help with sleep. But aroma can impact the full spectrum of feelings beyond sleepiness. Aromas conjure memories and reach parts of the brain that can influence feelings of happiness, sexiness, acceptance, empathy, confidence and more. Many of our perfumes contain natural ingredients that can have subtle mood-boosting benefits that we further amplify with specific crystals and gemstones.

The term ‘amber’ is very vague in perfumery. What does it mean at Exuma Fragrance Co.?

Amber is really more an abstract idea than a particular scent, based on what golden, fossilized amber should smell like based on its appearance (it’s really odorless). For many, the classic amber scent is a combination of vanilla & the plant resin labdanum, which has a honeyed, cola-like herbaceous scent. We consider most fragrances with rich vanillic base notes to be amber-style, while other rich fragrances fall into our woody florals category. Finally there’s white amber, a fresh abstract scent based on the aroma of ambergris (the original amber in perfumery). White amber fragrances are usually represented as being softly floral & lightly musky, similar to dryer sheets.

There are so many perfume oils out there… What makes Exuma Fragrance Co. unique?

It’s all about the quality of the ingredients and the care we put into developing and producing each fragrance, along with our commitment to outstanding customer service. Exuma Fragrance Co. was formed after years of frustration shopping for fragrances online. Some things that set us apart include low priced samples, fast free shipping, quick friendly communications, and a wide variety of fragrances. We truly want to help you find your next signature scent! We truly want to help you find your next signature scent!

Do you offer custom fragrances?

We have made a few fragrances based on customer suggestions, but we tend to shy away from doing custom blends. Making a fragrance can take weeks of trials and significant ingredient expense, so we are not able to offer customer fragrances with any sort of regularity. If you have an idea for a fragrance that you would like to share with us, please send it our way. It might just be the next thing that stands out on our idea board!

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