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Pick 3 from nearly 40 fragrances! Each glass sample vial contains 1 ml of perfume oil (approximately 3 applications) and features a plastic dauber cap. We also offer 2 ml sample sprays in a perfumer’s alcohol base, available in plastic atomizer bottles. Please write in your fragrance selections above.

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Fragrance Notes:

Amulet – shower-fresh, green, clean, floral

Anthem – sandalwood, amber, incense, floral

Aria – white amber, floral, aquatic, cedar

Autumn Ode – floral, amber, oud, caramel

Belle – magnolia, aquatic muguet, rose, jasmine

Big Love (for Her) – plumeria, coconut, pear, musk, body oil

Big Love (for Him) – cologne-fresh, lavender, citrus, musk

Café – coffee, biscotti, vanilla, mocha

Cirrus – clean laundry, baby powder, iris, muguet (lily), white amber

Classic Amber – labdanum, vanilla, honey, almond

Clean Vanilla – rich vanilla, orchid, white musk, sugar

Coda – saffron, citrus, green, shower fresh, masculine

Damask – oud, rose, patchouli, petrichor (rain), vetiver

Daybreak – carnation, tulip, geranium, lemon

Dream Weaver – sweet osmanthus (white floral), earthy, green

Eden – jasmine, sandalwood, pear, powder

Ember – white sage, sweetgrass, cedarwood

Empire – oud, rose, sandalwood, blackberry, jasmine

Étude – mandarin, pineapple, saffron, rosemary

Fleur de Lis – lily, gardenia, honeysuckle, ginger lily

Fugue – amber, oud, florals, herbal notes

Head Shop – labdanum, vanilla, tonka, benzoin, patchouli

I Hear Ya – lotus, sandalwood, baby powder

I Might Stop By – woody, leathery, aquatic, fresh

I’ll Give It A Try – cedar, mysterious, earthy

Jam Band – tart oud, rhubarb, plum, complex

Limerick – bergamot, vetiver, moss and cedar

Lobby – aquatic lily, suede, cashmere, linen

Lyre – peach, plum, apricot, hyacinth

Majesty – agarwood (oud), leather, sweet spices

Minuet – rose, red florals, sage, agarwood

Monarch– white oud, wine, honey, cinnamon, spices

Night Bloom – tuberose, jasmine, camphor

Nocturne – lavender, clary sage, amber, citrus

OBT – orange blossom, gardenia, muguet

October Sky – butterscotch, vanilla, honey, amber, peach

Orchard – raspberry, red apple, plum, cherry

Pharaoh – white oud, rose, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli

Sauna – cedarwood, dry wood, smoky spices

Summer Dew – daffodil, melon, honeysuckle, daisy

Teak – cedarwood, sandalwood, white amber

Torte – white chocolate cake, almond, sugar

Trellis – lychee, grape, raspberry, plum, blueberry

Tropic – plumeria, pineapple, mango, passion fruit

Woodland – cypress, cedar, white musk, oakmoss

External use only. Always test perfumes for skin compatibility before applying. Please refer to our FAQs and feel free to message us if you have any questions before placing an order.

91 reviews for Exuma Fragrance Samples 3 Pack | Choose from Over 40 Handcrafted Perfumes

  1. Angela

    You sir, are a gentleman and a scent scholar ?? Or something like that ?? All to say, well done and thank you. I love the subtleties of “I Might Stop By” and “I’ll Give It A Try” (I think that was the name. I’m not looking right now). And I adore a handwritten note.! I feel special. I shall return!

  2. gronco

    The Teak is particularly nice.

  3. Maureen

    Items arrived and packed with care! Thank you.

  4. Jamie

    I love the ability to test out scents. There is enough to try it out a few times to see if you really like it. The scents are wonderful. I have never found a perfume that I like enough to wear all the time. Until now! I finally found a perfume that smells wonderful without giving me a headache or triggering my sinuses. So happy that I tried these out. I am hooked and will be a life long customer! I am so happy I gave these a chance.

  5. Windra

    I had to order some more samples because Wesley’s fragrances are just so intriguing and they are all excellently shipped/packed. I got these for Mother’s Day and tried them with my mom. Minuet was our least favorite, it’s too strong and just not a combination to our liking, but that’s okay. Now, we both really liked Aria; it is so nice, even better than I expected from the description, and there’s something so warm and fresh about it. And then Damask is just like inhaling a pretty rose garden on a sunny summer day! Overall, I would highly recommend giving this shop’s fragrances a try, they are high quality and unique. Thank you ??

  6. Caitlin

    Lovely scents and super fast shipping, thank you!

  7. Sebastian

    Amazing scents, great value as well.

  8. sierra

    Ordered a few scents to have my husband try, we love the Big love scent and will be ordering a bigger bottle!

  9. Caitlin

    Super fast shipping and the seller even included extra samples! OBT and Tropic were two standouts to me – nice fresh summer scents!

  10. Miriran

    Arrived on time and nicely packaged. Smells very nice one spray is enough!

  11. Christina

    Great product, as described. Smells wonderful

  12. Trish

    Thank you so much, Trish! I’m happy you’re enjoying Belle 🙂

  13. Sign in with Apple user

    Seller was helpful and answered my questions to his best knowledge. This shop definitely has some different combinations, and Coda is one of the more luxurious smelling “masculine” scents. Woodland is also a nice clean pine smell. Definitely worth trying out and finding what works for you, I’m confident there’s something !

  14. tinydancerdylan

    I have thoroughly enjoyed sampling Exuma.. so much so that I came back to try more. My love for Molecule 01 is how I stumbled upon this store.. and I’ll Give It A Try did not disappoint. It is remarkably similar to the original. I was delightfully surprised by I Might Stop By. If you enjoy the former, I imagine you would really love this one too. Clean Vanilla is delicious. If you love gourmands, this one is a must try! Wesley shipped crazy fast – I received both orders so quickly which also made for a great experience with Exuma.

  15. Anna

    These fragrances are so lovely and unique. None of them are overpowering, but linger on my skin for a long time. I got three samples, Aria (fresh and clean), Empire (cologne, quite masculine), and October sky (sweet, buttery floral). Each scent also has a distinct soapy smell that comes off really luxurious to me. Like you had a self care day at a high-end spa retreat, which I frankly love. Here’s to say, I will be a repeat customer!

  16. Victoria

    The smells are incredible and match the descriptions exactly. I’m gonna order some more samples along with a full size version of my favorites, so far Café and October Sky have me in a chokehold. Ugh, I’m in LOVE. ???(´?`)???

  17. Audrey

    Fastest shipping ever omg! Love than I get to try the scents first. Limerick was a very unexpected favorite and I had to get a full size immediately. Such lovely unique scents, not overpowering but super long lasting. Keep up the wonderful work!

  18. Trish

    I ordered six samples and I am so impressed by the quality The samples were very very slow to arrive and Wesley sent out another shipment no problem. The second set arrived before the original order. His customer service is really great. I’m very picky about fragrance and samples are the ideal way to shop. Loved several and I Hear Ya knocked my socks off. I’m going to order the full size and another set of samples. Thanks Wesley!

  19. Jose Alicea

    I’m really pleased with the fragrance samples….Some of them very original creations….I like that…All that remains is to test the longevity of the ordered fragrances to decide the best ones. For me, longevity in a perfume is very important….I hope to see new original creations.I wish you success.

  20. stephanie

    my Granddaughter loves these scents.

  21. Cameron Nerren

    I can’t be too harsh since it’s just samples, but they just weren’t to my liking and that’s ok! I’m sure other people love those scents, just not me! ?

  22. Rebecca

    Well done! I requested Étude, Woodland and Amulet. They are all beautiful, very unique scents unlike anything I have smelled before; very well crafted/blended. The descriptions that are provided on the listings for the fragrances are perfection! I love that it is so affordable to sample the scents to see if they will work for you. For reference; I am a fragrance enthusiasts particularly of high end niche perfumes, have dabbled in perfumery myself and I have to say, I highly recommend Exuma fragrances! *Also I am inclined towards headaches from some perfumes and these did not bother me at all.

  23. Jey

    I’ve been on the hunt for unique scents lately and so far this shop is my favorite! The samples I’ve tried all smell amazing and are true to their descriptors. I hope to buy some full sizes in the future!

  24. Alyssa

    I tried fleur-de-lis which was light and fresh smelling, woodland which was very pine balsalmy, and nocturne which reminded me of fresh water. Will definitely come back, loved what I got so far!

  25. Windra

    ‘m very pleased with the fragrance samples! I just wanted to try these out for the first time and I will say they are hands down much, much better than any department store perfumes. “Woodland” is the one I’ve been wearing and it is perfectly titled; naturally fresh and definitely cedar with a spongy sweetness that lingers throughout the day. “I’ll Give it a Try” is very nice and clean, bit soapy. I would recommend it if you’re not into strong scents and want something subtle. Now, the third one is “Majesty” which is… Wow. Very pungent and to me personally it has a strong country/cowboy vibe, masculine and earthy but also classy and sweet, quite intoxicating and sexy (if the right man wore this, I’d be ??)! These were shipped fast and packaged so well, no chance of leaks. I will enjoy them and thank you Wesley ??

  26. shifani

    This was my last attempt to try 3 samples for myself as the last time I ordered, I was not very, very in love with the fragrances I selected Amulet, Limerick, and Damask. Now, let me tell you, I am blown away by these. They are so sexy and so much matching with my vibe and settled really well with my body chemistry. I just loved Amulet and Damask, and I am gonna go ahead and order the full sized bottles for these. I am finally happy that I found what I was looking for. Something that I love smelling on my body the whole day and the whole night. 5??????????

  27. John

    Shipping has been great this far:) My samples: Majesty- rich leather, creamy wood, and a brightness from citrus notes Empire-clean, slightly soapy, with calm woody undertones. Reminds me of a barbershop Teak- fairly faint on my skin. Woody and sweet, but not overpowering. Wears close to the skin and would need a reapply for me Classic Amber(extra sample:)- A bit powdery on my skin, but if you like regal, rich scents then you may enjoy this one! Limerick- fresh cut grass with notes of clean wood and bright berries wafting in the wind Sultan-Similar to Empire; clean and bright. Reminds me of a good men’s body wash

  28. Audrey

    These scents are all so unique and wow the shipping was fast! Will be ordering more for sure now that I know which scent profiles suit me best

  29. Jessie

    Unfortunately I couldn’t smell two out of the three scents I picked, come to find out some people can’t smell Ambroxan or ISO E. I wish the description would have had a warning or something like that for those two scents. But I liked the third scent I picked! And I’m sure if I was able to smell the other two they would’ve been great.

  30. lbrittain861

    Awesome seller! Super fast shipping. Loved my fragrances.

  31. Maryann

    So thankful there was a samples option available. While lovely fragrances, the one I thought I’d love wasn’t my cup of tea, but another that I was unsure about became my favorite.

  32. Mollie

    Order the sample pack; Anthem, Fugue and Limerick. Shipping was very fast and I’m glad I found some new fragrances to try. I definitely will be purchasing a full size soon. 🙂

  33. docdordye

        They all smelled amazing! Packaged very well and shipped very fast.

  34. nursehollyelizabeth

    All 6 of the Exuma Fragrances I received in the sample packs were delightful but 2 of them stood out for me. I Might Stop By is a lovely Ambroxan scent with a touch of sweetness. I’ll Give It A Try smells nearly identical to Molecule 01 except it wears closer to the skin and smells a bit softer (and is a lot more affordable). I loved these two so much that I ordered them both the same day I received my samples. The shipping was FAST – Wesley is extremely prompt and friendly. Will be returning to Exuma Fragrance again and again.

  35. John

    Very fast shipping and a wonderful selection:) I received samples with my order as well! now, the fragrances I got: I Might Stop By: brilliant. A really fresh cologne, reminiscent of something like Dolce and Gabana Light Blue. Will buy the larger size of this. I Might Give it a Try: Very faint, like a precursor to I Might Stop By. I’ll leave it to sit longer and possibly try layering as well. Sits close to skin. Woodland: Unique. Peppery woods, dirt, melts more into green notes close to skin. Would also layer well I think. A true outdoor feel to it. Samples: Pharaoh: richly scented rosewood and sweet frankincense. Definitely a royal feeling to this. Big Love(for Him): bright and airy citrus meets clean linen. Woody notes on the dry down. Nocturne: violet, wood, and the crispness of fall air at night:)

  36. Brenda

    Wesley – Thank you so much for the samples! I have a few favorites already. I will be placing an order soon. Thank you!

  37. Naomi

    Fast, Excellent service and product!

  38. atypicalchic

    They all smell wonderful! Shipping was speedy, and I am so happy with my purchase!

  39. ctecavd

    My items were shipped the same day I ordered them. THAT’S customer service. And each scent is lovely. I ordered 3 extra sample scents and received 4! Thank you, Wesley! You have a great product. I will be back for more!!!

  40. Sign in with Apple user

    I loved these samples. I had plumeria, clean vanilla,and minuet. I liked all of them but my fav was the clean vanilla because it actually smells like vanilla and goes well with my other cocoa roll on perfume.

  41. Kim

    Unusual offerings and prompt service.

  42. Hannah

    Second set of samples. The owner was kind and included few extra samples. Fugue was my favorite from this batch, a balanced floral, with notes of orange, rose/daisy, cedar and a bit of evergreen that gained a burnt firewood undertone, very fresh and outdoorsy with sweet midtones. I Feel Ya: a citris, rose, honey, bright and floral. Eden (extra): jasmine, citrus, vanilla, hint of fruit, but with a floral, cool undertone, like eucalyptus; the citrus warmed it to a mature, mildly sweet scent. Nocturne (extra): dried floral, rose, vanilla/rum. Cool vintage, like opening a great-grandmother’s perfume found in an attic. Minuet: a fresh floral, rosy, grassy, lemony, with fresh moutain air and warm undertones. The perfume the great-grandaughter would wear, light, sweet, free-spirit like, but with an edge of old-soul floral.

  43. Hannah

    First time trying this shop. I tried Etude, Sultan, and Limerick. Etude was my favorite, with a lovely, blended smell that is warm, bright, citrusy, and a little bit fruity (subtly to me), but has a lot of depth and great dry-down aftertones. My skin tone tends to bring out the deeper, warmer undertones, and I loved the scent at every stage of the wear-off. I ordered a full bottle of this. Sultan smelled a bit like frankencense, very deep, with a complexity that made it hard to determine the ingredients. A little bit spicy and honey-like; the jasmine and rose add complexity and depth without smelling floral in the least, and the base is cedar-like. Manly, but not too much for a woman. Limerick was my least favorite, only because I prefer a bit warmer tones; this was green, grassy, jasmine-like, but still very nice.

  44. Tala

    My three samples were delivered rapidly, with the seller reaching out to notify me of shipping. Limerick is a subtle, fresh scent. Lightly citrusy, giving a sense of a green springtime day. It’s light and close to the skin. Woodland is very camphoraceous at first, and mellows to a cozy earthy sweetness, cedar and wood, remaining close to the skin. I Feel Ya, was the most surprising. It feels off-the-shelf, like something from a high-end shop. Despite being oil, it gives a cloud of scent all around you. To me, it is bright and refreshing, and the mid notes of rose, lotus, and lily are more forward, blending very subtly and lovely with the lavender and lemon. Overall, these were packaged extremely well, No leaks. Each scent is distinct from one another and well crafted. I would recommend trying any of these

  45. veryabsherian

    I am sampling Night Bloom, Pharaoh and Damask. On first impressions, on blotter, they all smell fantastic. Night Bloom, though, really turns my toes up. Also, my first package was either stolen or USPS lost it and lied about delivering it. The seller was incredibly quick to respond and very kindly sent me a replacement right away! Great business!

  46. Heidi

    Three samples were delivered rapidly. For me, Autumn Ode is vibrant, and Pharaoh has a haunting spiciness; Chai has amber-like nuances that are uniquely beautiful enhancers of the tea theme.

  47. Amanda

    These fragrances smell great! Very lovely

  48. shifani

    I recently purchased three samples from this store. The shipping was quick, and all three scents are amazing. I loved all of them, and I will buy full sized perfume bottles from here. The description of each fragrance is very accurate, and it helps in selection Loved it??

  49. Kacey

    WOW, I never thought I would like using oils, but I’ve been loving layering these with my usual perfumes. Standouts to me that I can see myself purchasing are Majesty, which gives me “Wine Cellar” vibes, Head Shop, which is that sweet patchouli that embodies the fall season, maybe even an apothecary and Teak, which brings memories of incense and Halloween fog

  50. Mary

    Super fast shipping! I’m excited to try these out!

  51. Mary

    Super fast shipping! Excited to try these out!

  52. Sign in with Apple user

    Great products and a great seller who’s super friendly and helpful! I’m a repeat customer and have loved everything I’ve tried from here- not all the scents have been for me, but they’re all good!

  53. Brianna

    Appreciate the accessibility of the 5$ samples–I have a lot of sensitivities to smells so it’s nice to not have to shell out to find a scent I like that doesn’t trigger me. Haven’t had the chance to wear them yet but the scents are nice on first smell!

  54. Kiwi

    Amazing quality perfumes!! If your someone who tends to get overwhelmed by scents or gets longwinded mild headaches, but you still really wanna try and wear perfumes, I definitely recommend this shop. The scents all smell so lux ??????? yet they don’t have that nose stingy intense smell that accompanies other perfumes I’ve tried. Also their samples are so freaking affordable!! If you’re on the fence, I say go for it

  55. Bea

    Loved my 1st scent and going back for more including 1 that was gifted as a sampler??

  56. Wren

    These fragrances smell otherworldly! My favorite was the Nocturne, which smelled beautifully mouth-watering. It has such a clean, androgynous scent which was exactly what I was looking for. It gives off the energy of a couple leaning against each other by a floral forest river atop a cold stone on a slightly chilly spring night. Woodland has a bit of spiciness and grounding sense to it. It was slightly nostalgic smelling to me. Fugue, which was an additional request generously fulfilled by the seller, smells mature, like a wise philosopher who has spent the day in a sunlit library reading old books and writing in an aged journal. Minuet smells sweet and syrupy, like a concentrated version of the heavenly taste of the first sip of water waking up. I cant wait to see what these smell like after enough rest time has passed!

  57. dani

    Very quick turnaround time! Shipped the next day after I purchased. This is a fantastic way to sample the scents from this shop and it’s a great value. All my samples arrived securely with no leaks.

  58. OutdoorMovie

    These perfume samples are really fun, and I was grateful for the free perfume sample gifts. I love Atrium. It really does capture the elegance of a fine hotel lobby!

  59. Samantha

    Great product and packaged great for shipping.

  60. Marsha

    Top notch seller and products!

  61. Pretty

    I apologize for the late review. I wanted to let these vials rest undisturbed for a while before trying them out. : ) These are lovely scents. I especially like Atrium and Damask Rose. They are so clean, refreshing, and grounding. Thank you!

  62. Sign in with Apple user

    I loved this perfume sampler set. Some of the scents I picked ended up not being ones I would wear again, but that’s the point of the sampler! Would absolutely order from here again.

  63. Jody

    Absolutely Amazing! Exuma is a # 1 Oil fragrance Co. with very tasteful selections. Thank you for the 2 Free samples, I love the Cirrus !😁 I’ll be back

  64. queenv777

    It arrived quickly and smelled great

  65. Em

    Wonderful scents and quick shipping. Thanks Wesley! I will be back!

  66. La Reshea

    I was so impressed by the products and service from a recent purchase that I bought some samples for a friend. They were impressed and curious when they smelled one of the fragrances on me, so I bought them some samples as a gift. This small, fragrance shop has made me a super fan. Please give them all the business! ♡♡♡

  67. Spencer

    The customer service is amazing! I asked the shop owner on what they think would be best and the replied very quickly and gave good feedback. My mom is sensitive to strong smells and it makes it hard for her to breathe but she seems to be doing well with woodland so far. The dents are wonderful <3

  68. La Reshea

    I am amazed and super pleased with everything about my experience with Wesley’s shop. Everything was as described, arrived promptly and well packaged, and he was very communicative! He was even sweet enough to send a few tinier samples for free. 🙂 The quality is super impressive and it’s definitely a product where a dab will do you if you want subtlety. The smells have strength without being overpowering. And each scent is very distinct. Will be buying more in the future. Bravo! ?

  69. Autumn

    They had great scents, shipped neatly, and were sent quickly! great for trying out different options and scents you’re interested in trying but unsure about. I will likely buy from here again!

  70. Atra

    I do not know how you’ve concocted such amazing and subtle fragrances, but keep doin it!! I got samples and I’m in love. I will be ordering full sizes once I get my next paycheck !

  71. Kai

    I absolutely loved all the samples!! My favorite was definitely Aria: it was so airy and gorgeous smelling! My sister gave me a compliment on the first day of wearing it 🙂 thank you so much!

  72. Tamara

    I love 2 of the three samples I got, and the other, while still nicely layered, is just not for me. The descriptions are accurate and it came quickly

  73. Mrs. Berry

    Exuma Fragrance Co. have good, long lasting smelling fragrances. Great communication. Prompted shipping and sealed well. Big Love her is a hit. It smells so good. Not strong or overwhelming, just delightful! I get a lot of compliments .

  74. meenimishimu

    This was a wonderful experience. I ordered several samples, and was gifted several more (thank you!). Shipping was lightning fast and the seller is easy to communicate with. All of the samples I tried were incredibly potent and long-lasting, so the tiny sample vials are actually quite a lot of product. I only needed to put the smallest dab from the stick on to my wrist to be able to smell the scent hours later. Post-covid issues make scent tricky for me, so I will not give feedback on the scents themselves except for Pharaoh. I have spent time in the MENA and am a fan of traditional Arab perfumery. While I am not a huge musk fan (of any kind; modern or traditional), Wesley NAILED what he set out to do with this. It smells exactly like traditional oil attars and could be right off the shelf in the Gulf or Egypt. Very impressed!

  75. eriskillton911

    I really loved the sample pack and it arrived really quickly.

  76. laura

    Fast shipping and an affordable way to test the fragrances. Buying a fu size of “big love for her” right now!

  77. Grace

    These scents are fabulous and the customer service is like no other!

  78. Grace

    I would leave more than 5 stars if that was an option! Absolutely amazing in every aspect!

  79. Joseph

    Great scents, seller, shipping, etc. Majesty is a really nice scent. Masculine. Reminds me of something between a cowboy and how a royal Sultan may have smelled! Very much enjoying it!

  80. Katrina

    Wonderful samples that arrived very quickly

  81. Megan

    I forgot to select a third sent and the seller reached out to me and was very kind. I also like the products and they smell quite nice.

  82. Joseph

    Friendly/communicative seller, good communication, and fast shipping. Fragrances are really nice! Purchased more already.

  83. tucker256

    Love these samples. They all smell great! Look forward to ordering again

  84. Jody

    Exuma, so happy to have I found you ! My samples are delightful & the 2 FREE x- tras were a pleasant surprise ! Thank you ????

  85. Tomki

    Smells awesome! I love how cute and tiny the samples are!

  86. Bethy

    Good quality. I received October Sky, Jam Band, Autumn Oud and Big Love for Her which was a free sample. Big Love for Her and October Sky were my favorite. Jam Band and Autumn Oud remind me of fragrances I can’t place from Floral Street. Will update once I know.

  87. Samantha

    I’m kind of picky when it comes to perfume, so being able to get smaller amounts like this is great. Super fast shipping and very well packaged.

  88. schloegelbagel

    Amazing price for samples. They all smelled like expensive perfume!

  89. Allison

    The scents are lovely and long-lasting, I will definitely be back for a full size of “I Might Stop By”! I really appreciate the extra samples, thank you!

  90. Krystal

    I adore this scent, and wear it every day! It is light enough not to overpower, but the scent sticks around. I can smell it all day, and into the next. Also, the shipping was super fast, and the seller was amazing to buy from.

  91. Traci

    Quick shipping, bonus samples . Although I didn’t like Limerock as I expected it to smell like Irish spring and it had more of a grassy Mugler scent, I loved the sample “I might stop by.”

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