Damask | Roll-On Perfume Oil & Eau de Parfum Spray | Rosy Oud Fragrance with Mookaite Gemstones

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A woody floral oud fragrance with rose and patchouli notes. Samples available here.

Damask Perfume Oil/Spray is a stunning oud fragrance combining rich agarwood with luxurious airy rose. It’s a lightly sweet, bready and enveloping fragrance with a soft, rain-kissed sweetness and a woody, earthy foundation. Damask explores the amber side of agarwood (or oud) while the rose softens and enriches the fragrance without making it overwhelmingly floral.

Damask is a deeply grounding fragrance that is accentuated with the energetic presence of Mookaite gemstones inside each bottle. Mookaite adds another grounding element the fragrance, and it also encourages confidence and serves as a reminder to take pause and appreciate.

With its sweet rose and earthy patchouli & woody notes, along with its intensely grounding aroma profile and the radiant energy of Mookaite Jasper, Damask is a rich, elegant fragrance that embodies the concept of stopping to smell the roses.

š—§š—¼š—½ š—”š—¼š˜š—²š˜€: persimmon, fir needles, rain
š— š—¶š—± š—”š—¼š˜š—²š˜€: rose, cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli
š—•š—®š˜€š—² š—”š—¼š˜š—²š˜€: agarwood, suede

ā™« ā™Ŗ ā™« ā™Ŗ ā™« ā™Ŗ ā™« ā™Ŗ ā™« ā™Ŗ ā™« ā™Ŗ ā™« ā™Ŗ ā™« ā™Ŗ ā™« ā™Ŗ

Made with a fractionated coconut oil base, Damask Perfume Oil stays close to the skin and doesn’t overpower. Wear it out, at work, at home… anywhere you want to smell and feel amazing. Damask Eau de Parfum Spray is made with perfumer’s alcohol and offers enhanced coverage & projection for those who prefer a more pronounced fragrance.

External use only. Always test perfumes for skin compatibility before applying. Please refer to our FAQs and feel free to message us if you have any questions before placing an order.

5 reviews for Damask | Roll-On Perfume Oil & Eau de Parfum Spray | Rosy Oud Fragrance with Mookaite Gemstones

  1. Deona

    Smells Devine so soft yet enchanting!

  2. ctecavd

    I received my items very quickly and the scents are just wonderful. And I REALLY mean WONDERFUL! Iā€™m going to enjoy these and order more! Thanks!

  3. O.K.

    Classic vibes without the gatekeepy pretentiousness. Damask is a grounded and elegant scent. I want to elaborate on that because, I think, when alot of us hear ‘elegant’ in reference to a perfume, we flash back to the Macy’s fragrance section and get turned off immediately (iykyk). You know how, in old movies, people talk about their love interest’s perfume like it was blessed by Aphrodite herself and their hair is kissed by shimmers of moonlight? That is the vibe I get from this perfume, but it is also grounded like how you would describe a friend who has their sh*t together: “the laundry is put away, the bills are paid, and I know where all of my W-2’s for the past ten years are” vibes. I wanted to try something outside of my comfort zone of gourmands. This is a lovely transitional scent if you are open to exploring!

  4. Deeee

    I received a sample of this with my order and it’s absolutely heavenly, rich and warm, nostalgic without being old fashioned. I don’t even like most rose scents and I’m in love with this and want my pillow to smell like it always. Definitely ordering a full size!

  5. Valerie

    Love this scent! Also love the samples to help pick out my next favorite scent!

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