Molecule Fragrance Gift Set


Two unisex scents with iso e super and ambroxan. Samples available here.

This listing is for one 10 ml bottle of I Might Stop By (Ambroxan molecule fragrance) and one 10 ml bottle of I’ll Give it a Try (ISO E Super molecule fragrance) by Exuma Fragrance Co. Choose between roll-on perfume oils or alcohol-based eau de parfum sprays.

This set of “un-perfume” fragrances makes a unique gift for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd and who appreciates clean, subtle scents. Both perfumes are unisex, light-wearing and unusual, and our molecule fragrances cost a fraction of what the designer brands charge. I Might Stop By features the Ambroxan molecule (also known as Cetalox), and I’ll Give it a Try is all about ISO E Super (or Timbersilk).

What exactly is a molecule fragrance? It’s a unisex perfume that’s made with only one ingredient – specifically, one type of aroma molecule. While not exactly “complete” scents on their own, molecule fragrances are excellent for layering with other fragrances or providing an extra effect to enhance your natural scent. There are a handful of aroma molecules that are used to make single-molecule fragrances, but our standout favorites are Ambroxan and ISO E Super.

Each of these molecules deliver cedarwood scent characteristics, with Ambroxan leaning clean/fresh and ISO E Super being the earthier of the two. Both are skin-reactive and will portray themselves a little differently from person to person and from nose to nose. Ambroxan (I Might Stop By) is an amazing “your skin but better” molecule and is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to enhance their scent without smelling like they’re wearing a fragrance. ISO E Super (I’ll Give it a Try) is more cedar-like with woody and oily notes, and a bit more apparent.

Like all the oil perfumes at Exuma Fragrance Co., I Might Stop By and I’ll Give it a Try stay close to the skin and don’t overpower. Wear them out, at work, at home… anywhere you want to smell and feel amazing. Our spray variety provides enhanced projection and coverage for those who prefer a more pronounced fragrance.

External use only. Always test perfumes for skin compatibility before applying. Please refer to our FAQs and feel free to message us if you have any questions before placing an order.

Perfume Type

Roll-On, Spray


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Molecule Fragrance Gift Set
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